The Strike

A reimagining of the story Atlas Shrugged.

by Jennifer Bouani and Jacqueline Schumann

Series Logline:  1-hour Limited TV Series Drama: Fighting against increasingly authoritarian agents and corrupt oligarchs, a business woman partners with a notorious energy entrepreneur to keep her transportation company running, only to collide with a formidable enemy determined to destroy her business and the world’s economy for unfathomable reasons. 

Series Overview

The Strike is a contemporary reimagining of Ayn Rand’s controversial and best-selling novel, Atlas Shrugged[1]. Played out on the stage of future technology where acronyms like AI, AR, AV, CV, V2X, 5G, 6G, and IoT are commonplace, The Strike is not just an updated re-imagining of one author’s view of the past, but a cautionary tale of the authoritarian fate we flirt with today between the far-left guise of “To Each According to His Needs” and the far-right guise of “Make America Great Again.” As an artistic expression, The Strike poses to a contemporary world the ageless questions of philosophical defiance as expressed by Francisco d’Anconia:

By what right?—by what code?—by what standard?

And boldly proclaims the answers many in this day and age fear to acknowledge:

I have a voice.

I am essential.

I did build this…

And I am not Gordon Gekko, dammit!

Interested? If you are interested in this script as a Producer, Showrunner, Agent, Manager, or Buyer, please submit your comments via the contact form on this website.

Assets Available: In addition to the pilot script, they have also written an extensive TV show bible, including a treatment for Season 1.

[1] Jennifer Bouani and Jacqueline Schumann have entered into a legally binding agreement with the rights holder of the film trilogy Atlas Shrugged, which allows for the exclusive option to shop the production of a television series Remake of the films, said films based on the the novel.

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