The Strike

A reimagining of the story Atlas Shrugged.

by Jennifer Bouani and Jacqueline Schumann

Series Logline:  1-hour Limited TV Series Drama (TV-MA): In a not-too-distant future where rampant regulation and cronyism have stifled mankind’s ability to produce, the greatest minds in the nation go on strike, but one woman is determined to save her autonomous trucking company and fight the man who is recruiting the strikers.

Series Overview

The Strike is a contemporary reimagining of Ayn Rand’s controversial and best-selling novel, Atlas Shrugged[1]. Played out on the stage of future technology where acronyms like AI, AR, AV, CV, V2X, 5G, 6G, and IoT are commonplace, The Strike is not just an updated re-imagining of one author’s view of the past, but a cautionary tale of the authoritarian fate we flirt with today between the far-left guise of “To Each According to His Needs” and the far-right guise of “Make America Great Again.” As an artistic expression, The Strike poses to a contemporary world the ageless questions of philosophical defiance as expressed by Francisco d’Anconia:

By what right?—by what code?—by what standard?

And boldly proclaims the answers many in this day and age fear to acknowledge:

I have a voice.

I am essential.

I did build this…

And I am not Gordon Gekko, dammit!

Interested? If you are interested in this script as a Producer, Showrunner, Agent, Manager, or Buyer, please submit your comments via the contact form on this website.

Assets Available: In addition to the pilot script, they have also written an extensive TV show bible, including a treatment for Season 1.

[1] Jennifer Bouani and Jacqueline Schumann have entered into a legally binding agreement with the rights holder of the film trilogy Atlas Shrugged, which allows for the exclusive option to shop the production of a television series Remake of the films, said films based on the the novel.

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