The Sandbox

by Jennifer Bouani and Jax Schumann

Series Logline 

1-hour Serial TV Drama (TV-14): A young inventor’s revolutionary tech breaks as her father’s health reaches a critical state, ending her first week of grad school in disaster and jeopardizing her chances of joining the university’s renowned R&D facility, The Sandbox.

Series Overview

STEM genius Keidra Cruz (20)  joins her grad school’s elite research facility “The Sandbox” and partners with an ensemble team of talented grad students to take her nanotech invention “Fido” to the next level — a lifeline of hope to cure her father’s Alzheimer’s. Her blind quest leads to unsanctioned tests on her father; the results reveal disturbing facts about her mother’s death and her father’s condition.

In the beginning, Fido is a relatively harmless, but useless tool. However, over the course of the series, Keidra and The Sandbox team transform Fido into a sophisticated, near-sentient device, whom foreign entities will steal to weaponize.  Keidra must face the timeless question:  Who was the real monster in Frankenstein: the creation or the creator?

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