Loose Canon

by Jennifer Bouani and Jacqueline Schumann

1-hour Serial Drama

Series Logline

Canon Walker is a charismatic, unconventional Alabama preacher with unshakeable confidence, until the day a teenage girl is abducted under his watch. Desperate for redemption, he uses his radical ministry to crusade against the sex-trafficking ring that took her.

Way down we go…

Series Overview

LOOSE CANON tells the story of Canon Walker, a controversial youth minister whose loose interpretation of the Bible yields him as much popularity as it does contempt. His confidence is unshakable. . . until the day a teenage girl is abducted under his watch.

Desperate for redemption and justice, Canon grows his radical ministry from a local flock of teens worshiping in the woods to an international operation crusading against the sex-trafficking ring that abducted the teenage girl. The series offers a bounty of dramatic, suspenseful, and romantic angles as Canon faces off with religious rivals, corrupt politicians, and criminals linked to his past.

LOOSE CANON will resonate with fans of shows like Justified, Breaking Bad, and The Wire. As with Justified, this show is an authentic portrayal of the Bible Belt’s settings and multi-layered characters. Like Walter White in Breaking Bad, Canon’s virtuous vice (his misguided sense of redemption) sets him on a collision course with destiny. Despite the inevitable train wreck in store for Canon Walker, we can’t help but root for him. And as The Wire exposes the realities of the drug war, LOOSE CANON provides a stark look at sex trafficking (underrepresented in the TV serial drama genre) by shining a light on the industry and showing how high the corruption reaches.

Ultimately, LOOSE CANON challenges us to consider whether happiness is achieved through faith or reason, or a mixture of both.

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