Bio: Jennifer Bouani

Jennifer Bouani

Jennifer lives in Silicon Valley, where she writes character-driven screenplays and consults in UX research for tech companies. She has written several finalists feature film and TV pilot scripts for mature audiences.

Her most recent project is a TV pilot for the remaking of Atlas Shrugged into a limited series called The Strike, which she co-wrote with Jacqueline Schumann. This unique and very accessible adaptation is a complete reimagining, taking place mostly in San Francisco / Silicon Valley with modern tech and diverse characters while honoring the same storyline, themes, and characters of Ayn Rand’s masterpiece. Think Showtime’s Billions on a collision course with Orwell’s 1984.

Jennifer started her career in Atlanta, GA, in digital technology, progressing from software engineer to user experience researcher. In 2005, she wrote the first of her award-winning children’s books, Future Business Leaders’ Series,™ adventure stories for tweens that teach entrepreneurship. Having grown up in the Deep South, she writes with a unique, realistic perspective of the Bible Belt culture.

Awards:  Cinequest Screenwriting, Creative World Awards, NexTV Writing, Other Worlds Austin SciFi, New York Screenplay, Hollywood Screenplay, California Film Awards, and more.

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